Leveraged: Take Your IP From Protection To Profit

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Start here, regardless if you're aiming for a non-profit or an LLC!

The difference between growing a stable business and failing a business attempt, is understanding how to protect and elevate your assets under the legal umbrella. Start your business journey the right way by covering all your legal bases from insurance to intellectual property to contracts. Learn how to Legally C-IN-C your business with the triple method of protection.

After completing this Masterclass, you will be able to:

  • Understand why LIVING the triple method of protection: C-In-C (Company, Insurance, IP and Contracts) is the first step for your business.
  • Distinguish what entities you REALLY have to pay attention to as a business owner versus what is draining your energy.
  • Discover what kind of small business team will help you grow your company
  • Learn the different types of Insurance that are available to you
  • Know the different types of intellectual property that you can file

Each Paid Masterclass comes with a complimentary 30 mins call
(limit 1 per individual regardless of amount of purchase)

*The content provided herein (including all accompanying materials) are for educational purposes ONLY. Purchasing or enrolling in a Masterclass or Workshop does not create an attorney-client relationship. Please consult with a licensed legal professional for further review of your specific issue*